Images courtesy of Thredbo Alpine Village

Super Park

This camera is located at the in the middle of the Supertrail run.

Mid Supertrail2

Alpine Way

This camera is on Alpine Way looking from the village over to the middle slopes of Thredbo.


Friday Flat

Thredbo's beginner slope and Snow Sports School meeting area.

Friday Flat

Alpine Way

Alpine Way - From the village looking over the middle slopes of Thredbo.

Antons/High Noon

Mt Kosciuszko Walking Track

Kosciuszko Walking Track.

Kosciuszko Walking Track

Lower Supertrail

Thredbo's Supertrail run.

Lower Supertrail

Cruiser's Ballroom/Squatters Run/Walkabout

Looking at Cruiser's Ballroom (left), Squatters Run (middle) & Walkabout (right).


Alpine Way

High Noon