Once you have submitted your booking form, you will be contacted by our booking officer with confirmation of your booking and payment instructions if successful.

  • Please note that the sponsoring member takes full responsibility for this application.
  • Lodge parking and upstairs facilities are not available until 5:00pm on day of arrival.
  • Non-members may be required to share rooms.  A minimum room rate applies if a member chooses NOT to share a room.
  • Requests for accommodation longer than 14 days should be submitted to the board.  This form is for accommodation of 14 days or less.

Callemonda Lodge Booking Form

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Varsity Alpine Club Inc.

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30 Sep 2019;
Spring school holidays
23 Dec 2019;
Summer school holidays (eastern division)
23 Dec 2019;
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02 Jan 2020;
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01 Feb 2020;
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